For many years, the firm’s Commercial department has served as legal counsel for companies in numerous and varied areas of activity, including start-up and technology companies, domestic and international retail and distribution chains, and companies active in the fields of consulting, commerce, and services.


The senior attorneys in the Commercial department advise and accompany senior management of a large number of corporations, both Israeli and foreign, on a personal and on-going basis, at the most important junctions of their development: from their establishment as local Israeli companies to their evolvement into highly active multinational corporations.


The Commercial department provides its clients with a full and comprehensive package of legal services for all aspects of their business activities, including consultation and accompaniment of investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions, international commercial transactions, intellectual property and knowledge transfer transactions, real estate transactions, software transactions, labor law, and administrative, civil and commercial litigation


The firm’s commercial activity is led by Nir Kalderon and Avi Reginiano, who, beyond their many years of legal expertise, have extensive business, financial and technological experience.

Investment Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions

The Mergers and acquisitions team represents buyers, sellers, investors, and target companies in M&A transactions and complex investments in Israel and around the world in the high-tech, retail, infrastructure and services sectors.


As part of its activities, the firm has accompanied mergers and acquisitions, and investment transactions, with some of Israel’s and the world’s leading international corporations and funds.


The firm’s services in the field of mergers and acquisitions include consultation in structuring the transaction, due diligence processes, negotiations and preparation of transaction documents, preparation of disclosure documents, advising boards of directors, shareholders and members of management, advising on option and remuneration plans for employees and management, and handling of additional matters required to complete merger and acquisition transactions, including close cooperation with auditors, investment bankers and the parties’ tax advisors.


The regular day-to-day advice provided to the firms’ clients in its various areas of expertise, creates substantial value to the target companies in the context of mergers and acquisitions and investment transactions, enabling and ensuring achievement of all the strategic needs and goals of our clients.


Among the most prominent transactions our team has accompanied and the details of which can be disclosed, are:

The sale of the controlling interest in Sabon Shel Pa’am to the multinational corporation Groupe Rocher.

The sale of the controlling interest in STS to a corporation held by the FIMI Fund.

The sale of the controlling interest in CreditGuard to Max (formerly Leumi Card).

High-Tech, Technology and Biotech

The High-tech and technology team advises start-up companies, investors, developers, venture capital funds and multinational corporations in all areas related to the scope of activities of start-up companies.


The team members have an in-depth understanding and extensive experience in the technological and business environments of e-commerce, telecommunications, payments industry, and biotech companies.


The team accompanies start-up companies and the entrepreneurs from their initial stages of incorporation, capital raising, and structuring their business model, to ongoing activity including technological and intellectual property licensing, contract negotiation, and M&A transactions.


Within the scope of its activities, the High Tech team integrates many of the firm’s areas of expertise, in particular in the fields of corporate law, intellectual property, labor law, and litigation, as well as international law, to provide clients with a comprehensive and complete package of services fit for all the needs of start-up companies and entrepreneurs.


For many years, the firm has served as legal counsel for Hadasit – the IP commercialization arm of Hadassah University Hospital and its subsidiaries in the fields of biotechnology and medicine.

Real Estate, Urban Renewal, and Hospitality

The real estate team accompanies its customers in various real estate transactions and projects, both large and small, starting from the due diligence and examination of the feasibility of the transaction, through purchase and sale, lease, and rent transactions for owners and lessors, up to closing.


In this context, the team provides legal counseling in adjacent fields such as finance, land taxation, and litigation.


The team has vast experience in the field of hospitality, tourism and resorts. In this context, the firm’s team accompanies its clients in this field through the entire cycle of the projects in the field of hospitality, starting from the asset purchase stage, project planning and aspects of design and construction, preparation of tenders and contractor agreements during the construction stages, and ending with the stage of ongoing operations, including legal support of marketing, sales and operational activities.


The Real Estate team also has extensive experience in the field of urban renewal, “Evacuation-Construction” projects as well as TAMA 38 projects. The Real Estate team accompanies projects in the field of urban renewal throughout the country, including working with developers, contractors, residents, purchase groups and private organizations, in the provision of comprehensive and legal counsel and service on all matters related to urban renewal (planning and construction, real estate, taxation and more).


The firm’s Real Estate team represents a series of leading chains in the retail and dining business, and as such has accumulated vast experience in managing transactions and in comprehensive legal proceedings with all leading shopping mall and real estate groups in Israel.


Among the prominent hotel projects the team has accompanied, one can mention the Elma Hotel and Art Center in Zikhron Yaakov, which the team members accompanied from the purchase of the land from the Mivtachim Pension Fund, through complex processes of planning, preservation and launching the project, up to the closing of a long-term management agreement for the project with a prominent hospitality group controlled by Eshet Tours.

Retail, Franchising, and Domestic and International Distribution

The Retail and Franchising team has been accompanying numerous leading retail chains in Israel and around the world, active in complex domestic and international franchise and distribution models.


In this context, the team has accumulated unique expertise and vast experience in all aspects involved in establishing and managing international retail chains and distribution partnerships of some of the world’s leading international brands.


The team has accompanied companies and retail chains on the one hand, as well as distributors and franchisees on the other, through countless transactions in which joint ventures were purchased or established in favor of exclusive franchise and distribution rights in Israel and worldwide, including the United States, many EU countries, and many Far Eastern countries such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.


A substantial portion of the team’s activity in this field includes registering, managing and arranging intellectual property rights upon which the franchise and distribution agreements refer (trademarks in particular), both in Israel and around the world, by way of collaborations with agents and firms specializing in the IP field in the United States, the Far East, the EU and South America.


One of the prominent retail chains the firm has been accompanying for many years, includes the Sabon international retail chain, that the firm has accompanied from the establishment of its first branch outside Israel, in New York, through the establishment of a joint venture and more than fifty branches in Japan, to its purchase by a multinational corporation, and its transformation into a leading international chain with more 200 points of sale around the world.

Commercial Litigation, Administrative Law and Labor Law

As part of the comprehensive legal services the firm provides its clients, the firm also handles all types of litigation cases, including business and civil disputes in the fields of commercial law, class actions, disputes between shareholders and partners, complex tenders, real estate litigation, and labor law.


For many years, the Litigation team has been accompanying an array of leading companies with tender-oriented activities and multiple administrative law aspects.


In this context, the team services include analysis of the tender documents, formulating and checking proposals, handling hearings before tender committees, and administrative proceedings before the administrative courts and the Supreme Court, for attacking or defending the results of tenders and other administrative actions.


The Litigation team provides legal services for conflict resolution as well as preliminary (strategic) consultation prior to commencement of legal disputes, designed to ensure the optimal position of the firm’s clients in a conflict, or to prevent it if possible.