Tagar Law Offices engages in extensive activities accompanying and handling insurance claims, and is involved in most of the significant cases and relevant occurrences pertaining to the insurance sector in Israel.

The firm’s many years of expertise in all matters related to the representation of insurers, has created an experienced and professional core of attorneys with professional expertise in the various insurance fields, including property, industry, consequential loss, contractor works and agricultural damages, along with liability insurances such as third party, professional liability, product warranty, trust and employer liability.

Property Insurance, Contracting Works and Consequential Loss

Over the years, the firm has chalked up impressive successes in an array of property insurance issues, for both industry and individuals, and specializes in managing complex claims in issues of infrastructure insurance and contract works, as well as claims dealing with consequential loss requiring extensive fiscal knowledge.

Liability Insurance – Third Party, Professional Liability and Product Liability

The firm’s team specializes in handling and managing claims in the fields of third party liability, professional liability and product liability.

The firm regularly represents policy holders, particularly in the fields of engineering and construction, architecture and supervision, as well as industrial companies and distributors, in a variety of claims dealing with damages caused by faulty products.

Agricultural Damage

The firm has accumulated extensive experience in handling claims connected to agricultural damage as a result of the use of farming products and preparations. The firm cooperates with agronomists and laboratories as part of its work representing companies that import or manufacture products for the agricultural industry.


The firm’s Subrogation department represents the major Israeli insurers in a variety of subrogation claims and participation claims (double insurance), and accompaniments clients from the event, including briefing the experts, examining the feasibility of filing claims, and conducting the lawsuits in court.

Class Actions

In recent years, the firm has been handling a broad array of class actions, particularly on consumer issues, specializing in the specific legislation and extensive rulings.

The firm provides its clients with legal accompaniment and counsel in this field, including on questions of insurance coverage for claims and requests for approval.

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